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Google Maps JavaScript API Loader

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Load the Google Maps JavaScript API script dynamically. This takes inspiration from the google-maps npm package but updates it with ES6, Promises, and TypeScript.


Available via npm as the package @googlemaps/js-api-loader.

npm i @googlemaps/js-api-loader

Alternatively you may add the umd package directly to the html document using the unpkg link.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@googlemaps/js-api-loader@1.0.0/dist/index.min.js"></script>

When adding via unpkg, the loader can be accessed at google.maps.plugins.loader.Loader.


TypeScript users need to install the following types package.

npm i -D @types/google.maps


The reference documentation can be found at this link. The Google Maps JavaScript API documentation is the authoritative source for the loader options.


import { Loader } from '@googlemaps/js-api-loader';

const loader = new Loader({
apiKey: "",
version: "weekly",
libraries: ["places"]

const mapOptions = {
center: {
lat: 0,
lng: 0
zoom: 4

Using a promise for when the script has loaded.

// Promise
.then((google) => {
new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map"), mapOptions);
.catch(e => {
// do something

Alternatively, if you want to use a callback.

// Callback
loader.loadCallback(e => {
if (e) {
} else {
new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map"), mapOptions);

View the package in action here.


This library is community supported. We're comfortable enough with the stability and features of the library that we want you to build real production applications on it.

If you find a bug, or have a feature suggestion, please log an issue. If you'd like to contribute, please read How to Contribute.

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